WHITE PIG: Prodepor is specialized in White Pig. Cover all the products from this race: quatering (collars, loins, ribs, fats, ham, shoulders, etc.) offals (stomachs, hearts, livers, kidneys, etc.) fitting to each market demand and having the best slautherhouses and cutting rooms of Spain and Europe territory.

IBERIAN PIGThis is a unique Spanish race which main characteristics that distinguish her quality are: the pure animal race, the free raising for the dehesas where they move, and the food eated. The company have excellent suppliers (approved to export to different countries like European Union, Russia or Japan) specialized in this race, which offer top quality cured products (ham, shoulder, etc.), and not cured meat articles (Iberian Back Fat, loins, belly, etc.).

BEEF: Nowadays, we are increasing our beef offer, dealing in offals and quatering, adapting oneself to the different clients and markets.

POULTRY:: Following the same steps as in the beef business, Prodepor is working hard to look for new suppliers to continue offering the best poultry articles and satisfy our current and future clients needs